a designer from Holland. I graduated with honours from the HKU. After working as a independent entrepreneur, and 2 days a week for BNN Dutch television. I'm now working for Mirabeau. I'm able to create strong concepts in which my own style remains visible from start to the final design.

From concepts to full blown artwork, I work on everything that offers me an interesting challenge.

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Showcase of Effective 404 Pages

Error page called 404 or “Not Found” page is a page that simply doesn’t exist. Users usually access this page by clicking a bad link or link that’s broken or moved. Why is it so important and worth your attention? A 404 error page is your last chance to save your visitor if he or she accidentally reached this page. Effective 404 error pages should include essential information like simple navigation, search box, explanation of what has happened, and possible solutions, but at the same time it should be really attractive and interesting for the user.

Most of the listed examples use appealing pictures, captivating illustrations and messages filled with humour. In this inspiring collection you will find 35 fresh and effective 404 error pages from various websites.